How to order:

The minimum order for free home delivery is 4kg.

There is around 28-30pcs/kg and 10pcs of croquettes per kg.

Only £12/kg. 

Pierogi are uncooked/frozen. Croquettes cooked/chilled.

Delivery between 9am - 8pm 
every Friday within the M25!


Malinka Delicatessen
58 Brixton Rd, Oval, London SW9 6BS
Mon - Fri 9am-7pm
   Saturday 10am-5pm   
Phone: 020 7091 0882

Choose from:


- cottage cheese & potato

- free-range chicken & pork
- sauerkraut & wild mushroom

- spinach & feta cheese

- sauerkraut & wild mushroom
- meat

- mushroom and cheese
- spinach & feta cheese

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Remember to tell us:

1. Your order (min. order 4kg for home delivery)  

  2. Your delivery address or pick up place and your mobile number  

  3. Delivery (Fridays only) or Pick up date