How to order:

The minimum order for free home delivery is 4kg.

There is around 28-30pcs/kg and 10pcs of croquettes per kg.

Only £12/kg. 

Pierogi are uncooked/frozen. Croquettes cooked/chilled.

Delivery between 9am - 8pm 
every Friday within the M25!


Malinka Delicatessen
58 Brixton Rd, Oval, London SW9 6BS
Mon - Fri 9am-7pm
   Saturday 10am-5pm   
Phone: 020 7091 0882

Our Kitchen
32 Gleneldon Mews,
Streatham SW16 2AZ

Everyday 7am-4pm or on special request
   160m from Polish Shop Bartek    
Phone: 078 7627 4842

Choose from:


- cottage cheese & potato

- free-range chicken & pork
- sauerkraut & wild mushroom

- spinach & feta cheese

- sauerkraut & wild mushroom
- meat

- mushroom and cheese
- spinach & feta cheese

   Place your order here:   

Remember to tell us:

1. Your order (min. order 4kg for home delivery)  

  2. Your delivery address or pick up place and your mobile number  

  3. Delivery date (Friday for Free Delivery) or pick up date